Hi there,

I have just started writing a blog. I am a Polish teacher who moved to the UK and started her new life and career there. Began as a TA, ended up as a consultant. The blog is mainly about the English (British) educational system – to show the differences but mostly to find inspirational ideas, websites, activities and to share them with my Polish colleagues. Hence the title: Edukacja Inspiracja – Education Inspiration (this one is pretty easy to guess, isn’t  :)

The blog will be in Polish – I don’t think I will find time to translate it into English (sorry). I oryginally choose the Polish blog platform blox.pl but wordpress if much more advanced technically and I love the options there. So I’ve got the main audience there, but much better tools here. I am intending, therefore, to keep these two blogs simultaneously. Who knows. Maybe one day I will move to WordPress entirely :)


Hej, piszę bloga. Blog jest po polsku i na innym serwerze, ale wordpress ma lepsze możliwości, więc gościnnie korzystam z biblioteki do załadowywania plików itp. :)

Zapraszam na oryginalną stronę: Edukacja Inspiracja

Nakarm blog komentarzem :)

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